Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas – Get Himalayan Salt Products!

Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas Salt candle holders

Seeking inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for coworkers, family, friends, teachers or your significant other? Himalayan salt products make the great Christmas gifts that don’t cost you much yet are unique, precious and pretty.

The warm amber glow from Himalayan salt candles and lamps are the perfect home decor for the Christmas season.

The best part is that you can easily buy them online! You won’t have to torture yourself spending a day looking for these items at a shopping mall. Just keep in mind that these prices tend to go up as the holiday season approaches. You may want to plan your gifts ahead of time and get these salt products while the prices are as low as below.

Below I list inexpensive Christmas gift ideas from the cheapest options, the candle holders, to more high priced ones like lamps. I hope this blog helps you reduce the stress of finding Christmas gifts for the coming up holiday season!

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas – Candle Holders

The Himalayan salt products that cost you the least and yet still very pretty are candle holders. The prices normally range from $10 to $20 each on Amazon.

Disclaimer: Pricing may be different from listing below as Amazon pricing can change from day to day, and they also offer daily deals.


“Round Candle Holders” … $6.99

“Heart Pink Candle Holders (Pack of 2)” … $8.99

“Two-Hole Candle Holders” … $15.99

“Natural (Pack of 2)” … $12.99

Inexpensive Salt Lamps – They are Cheap but Beautiful!

“Salt Basket Lamp” … $17.99

This basket lamp is especially my favorite. I’ve been using it for the past two years and it’s absolutely beautiful. You can read more about this particular lamp HERE, or watch the unboxing video below.

“Natural Salt Lamp” … $24.95

I’ve been using this salt lamp too for the past three years and absolutely adore it. Great quality for the price! You can read more about this lamp in my separate article.










High-Quality Salt Lamps – Prepackaged!

This is the most expensive suggestions but still below $40! I can guarantee you that they are worth the prices. Besides, they come prepackaged in a nice box (in red! How appropriate for the holiday season. 🙂 ) so you won’t have to worry about wrapping them.

“Salt Lamp with Stainless Steel Base – Elora” … $35.99

“Salt Lamp with Wooden Base – Kana” … $25.99


I have personally been using the salt lamp, Elora, by my bed every single night. Learn what is so special about this high-quality lamp in my review of Levoit Lamp!


Other Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

Amethyst candle holders are also very pretty and make a unique gift for the holiday. I have three Amethyst stone candle holders and use them almost every night during the winter. They seem to be quite popular on Amazon and I could find only a few selections. They may be out of stock by the time you read this blog.

“High-Quality Amethyst Candle Holder” … $42.50

These are the three Amethyst candle holders I own. See how pretty they look when you light a candle in it.


The Sooner, The Better

Amazon seems to raise the prices for these products during the holiday season. At least, that is what I have noticed during last year’s holiday season.

So, if you are pondering inexpensive Christmas gift ideas, take action sooner than later with these Himalayan salt products. I remember that last year, many of these candle holders and lamps became out of stock over a week before Christmas Day.

These products are inexpensive yet make absolutely beautiful and unique Christmas gifts.

If you’re not sure what to give for Christmas to your friends, coworkers, family members or loved ones, consider these products for the holiday.

I’ve given these to my friends as gifts and it always made them smile. 🙂  I am sure they make a great gift for your loved ones as well.

Leave me comments if you have any questions. Wish you a great holiday season free from too much stress to find special Christmas gifts for your special people!

Your friend,


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