Pure Pink Salt – Gift of 300 Million Years in the Making

We love things pure.

Clean air, unpolluted water, organic foods, serenity in the eyes of a new-born baby, and innocence in the smile of young children. We are naturally drawn to things pure. We instinctively know that they fill us with positive energy and help us regain the balance within.

That’s exactly how I feel about pure pink salt. When I was introduced to this magnificent gift from Earth, I was naturally drawn to it without knowing why.

pure pink salt

Original Image by Kathy @ flickr.com

It Started with Just One Candle Holder

One winter a few years back, pure pink salt came into my life as a Christmas gift from a friend.
It was a coral pink colored, somewhat unusual shaped candle holder.
I couldn’t immediately tell what it was. Then my friend said that the candle holder is made of salt! She said it is a special kind of natural salt and the name is Himalayan salt.

Salt? Really?

After I went home, you know I couldn’t resist the temptation of making sure it’s alt by licking it. Do you know what I found out? It really was salt! The candle holder was salty indeed! 

I lit a tea candle in the holder and placed it on my desk. It began radiating this soft, orange glow and filled the room with a peaceful atmosphere.

I instantly fell in love with this pure pink salt.

Creation of a Unpolluted Ecosystem

I began researching and learned that Himalayan pink salt was from some 300 million years ago when Earth was pristine. It was formed during the time the planet was not yet polluted whatsoever and hence, the totally pure salt.

The purpose of this website is to share with readers information and my experiences with Himalayan pink salt.

This precious gift from our planet comes in several different forms, and each has added joy to my everyday life in a unique way. It has even helped to reduce some physical symptoms that had been bothering me.

It is my hope that you utilize this natural pink salt to increase positive energy within you and enhance happiness in your daily life!


Pure Pink Salt Comes in Many Forms

1. Candle Holders

pure pink salt candle holderThey take tea candles and glows in gentle orange color as you light it.

They say that Himalayan pure crystal salt counteracts the electronic vibrations when it’s heated. I work many hours in front of the computer at home, so I decided to keep several salt candle holders on my desk. It does make difference in the air of the room. Read more about the benefits of heated salt candle holders in this article


himalayan salt lamp colors
Himalayan Salt Lamps in our house

2. Lamps

Just like candle holders, these lamps naturally reduce electromagnetic frequency waves in space.

I now own 6 salt lamps including these large ones. They make a great decoration in your home because of the soothing light it radiates. It simply is so pretty to look at.

The color, size, and shape of each lamp could vary since they are the products of nature after all.

3. Salt Blocks

pure pink salt blockWe always keep two salt blocks in the kitchen and mainly use them for grilling chicken and seafood such as shrimps. We especially love the seasoning of the salt, from the block, that naturally gets to the food during the cooking process.

Himalayan pink salt blocks can be used in various ways. Some people use it as a dish to serve foods like cheese or sushi. Others use it as a decoration by placing it by the window or even propping it in a window.

Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt - Extra Fine Grain4. Cooking Salt

Nowadays many grocery stores carry Himalayan cooking salt and you could easily add it to your seasoning selection.

I use a particular bland of Himalayan salt for all of my cooking and you can buy it on Amazon. Compared to regular natural sea salt, this pure pink salt has a distinctive mildly flavor and I simply love it!

I am Japanese and make my own Miso (Japanese soybean paste) at home and use the Himalayan salt in the recipe. It has totally mild down the sodium taste of Miso and I even taste some natural sweetness in it. 

5. Bath Salt

himalayan pink bath saltHimalayan pink bath salt is rich in minerals and has a natural detoxifying effect.

I usually throw a palmful in the tub after a long day of work. Its nutrients help to stimulate my blood circulation, soothe tired muscles, and rejuvenate skin. I definitely feel purified and detoxed after a bath with Himalayan pink bath salt. 


On the side note, we have two cats and both of them love to sit by Himalayan pink salt lamps. Even on a hot summer day, they would be comfortably laying by one of the lamps so I know it is not the heat that they enjoy. Perhaps, animals are more sensitive to pure air than humans do and that is why they tend to stay around the salt lamps in the house.  

I hope this website helps you learn about the benefits this beautiful gift from Mother Earth brings to our lives. 

If you have any suggestions or topics you would like me to cover, please let me know. You can leave comments or directly contact me at contact@purepinksalt.com. Thank you!

Your friend,


himalayan salt benefits
Our cat, Kiki, loves to sit by a salt lamp