Himalayan Salt Lamp Colors – Is Yours Too Dark?

Himalayan salt lamp colors are the most attractive element of these special lamps made of natural salt from Mother Earth.

Once lit, they radiate a very soothing and warm amber color. As these lamps are natural salt and handcrafted, each lamp could slightly differ in shape and color.

That makes the one you own even more special.

The Color is Too Dark – Is It a Bad Thing?

As Himalayan salt is a product of nature that took 300 million years to produce, the shape and color of these rock salt lamps can vary.

One downside of purchasing these lamps online is that you wouldn’t know the exact color of the lamp you will receive, unlike a physical store where you can handpick the exact lamp you like.

We are lucky to have our favorite store nearby specializing in Himalayan salt products but I know these stores are not very common. You may not have one in your area.

The other day I read a review on Amazon by a customer who was unhappy with the 12″ salt lamp she received.

She complained that the color was not what she had expected. It’s too dark and the light does not penetrate through the rock salt even with a 25W light bulb, which is a higher wattage to use for this size of the lamp. (You can use either 15W or 25W)

The review was posted in February 2015 and here are the photos of her lamp she shared.

himalayan salt lamp colors amazon review

When I looked at these photos, I thought, “Oh, her lamp looks exactly like the one we own.”

Here is our dark-colored lamp. It is about 10″ and we placed it in our bedroom. With the room light on, I know it doesn’t look very attractive and you cannot see the light penetrating from the lamp.

himalayan salt lamp colors


But with the room light off, it looks like this.

himalayan salt lamp colors

We handpicked this one from the store as we felt this dark-colored lamp was particularly special.

What we weren’t aware of at the time of purchase was that this dark one is perfect for sleeping time! It doesn’t ruin the darkness (I cannot sleep in a room with a bright light on) and we can still enjoy the natural healing power this lamp offers. This is why we keep ours in the bedroom.

Sure, if you are planning to use a salt lamp as a decoration in the living room, this dark colored one may not serve your purpose.

But if you are wishing to benefit from its effects while you sleep, a dark-colored salt lamp actually will be a powerful tool.

The Power of Dark Colored Salt Lamps

One thing I noticed, compared to other lamps we own, is that this dark one always produces more heat.

When I am cleaning the house, for instance, I can pick up other salt lamps with a bare hand but this dark one, I need to use something to cover my hand or the lamp before I pick it up.

During the winter time, my husband even uses it to warm his hands after coming in from outside. It’s mounted with a 25W light bulb just like other lamps in the house and I don’t know why this dark one gets particularly hot.

Himalayan salt is believed to reduce allergens and irritants in the air when it’s heated. So, the hotter it gets, the more powerful the effect will be, I feel.

Again, there is no scientific proof behind it. I simply feel better laying in a room with this dark lamp on.

The owner of the Himalayan salt shop in our area mentioned that dark lamps release a different type of negative ions. She said it’s especially powerful to neutralize electro-pollutions coming from electric devices such as a TV or computers.

As we have a large TV placed in our bedroom, we decided to put our dark one in front of it.

Where Can I Get Dark Ones?

If you have a Himalayan salt shop nearby, you should be able to find dark colored lamps or can simply ask for them.

Like the Amazon reviewer above, some people are not so fond of dark ones so they are often priced cheaper than the regular ones.

In the case of an online purchase, however, I couldn’t find websites that allow customers to choose a specific color of the lamp. I looked all over Amazon too but couldn’t find one single shop that particularly sells dark colored salt lamps.

One possible way is to directly contact the online shop of your choice and ask if they could ship you a dark-colored lamp.

If I find a shop that accommodates us like that, I will definitely add the information to this post. If you know such an online shop, please share with us in the comment area below!

Himalayan Salt Lamp Colors

Personally, I find all Himalayan salt lamp colors special and beautiful.

They are natural products of Mother Earth. Each one has a unique presence and its own beauty.

So, even if you received a lamp and it looks too dark to you, do not feel disappointed. They have their own benefits and will become a perfect company for your restful night.

Hope you enjoyed this article. If you have questions or have your own experience with dark salt lamps, I would love to hear them!

Your friend,


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  1. Yuko, does the salt lamp store in your area ship lamps? I want to buy a darker lamp for our family’s bedrooms, but want to make sure I purchase a real himalayan salt lamp. Also, did you learn if the gray salt lamps are good? I am starting to see more available online. Thank you!

    1. Hi Angie,
      Sorry for my late response. I am not sure the salt lamp shop ships lamps but here is their website. http://www.saltminearium.com
      I haven’t tried gray salt lamps for myself yet. Personally, I prefer the amber color of Himalayan salt lamps so, at the moment, I don’t plan to purchase a gray lamp. Please share with us your experience here in the comment area if you try the gray lamp in the future.


  2. I have several pink salt lamps. I recently got a gray one. It doesn’t have a dimmer switch like my others. This gray one gets HOT…almost too hot to the touch…is this common with the lighter colored lamps?

    1. Hi Chelsea,

      I don’t have any experience with a gray salt lamp but my dark lamp gets really hot too. Just like you say, I cannot touch it without wrapping it with a towel or something when I want to move it. So from my own experience, I had an impression that the darker the color is, the hotter the lamp tends to get. Anyway, the salt lamp shop owner in our area once said the hotter the lamp is, the stronger effect it has in terms of cleansing the air. So I believe it is a good thing and I normally keep my dark lamp in our bedroom to help us sleep better.


  3. Hi Yuko,
    Great blog! I came across it while searching for information on gray salt lamps. I cannot find good encouraging articles that gray lamps are real, even though some are sold by reputable sites like SoWell. Have you learned about gray lamps? Thank you for your input!


    1. Hi Jen,

      Thank you for the comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. 🙂
      I am not familiar with gray salt lamps. I even didn’t know such a thing existed so thank you for the information! I will look into it, and if I ever decided to purchase one, I will definitely share my experience on this site.


  4. My Himalayan Salt Lamp changes colors from pink to green to pale lavender/purpleish. Is this a real or fake Himalayan Salt Lamp?

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Are you talking about the type of the lamp with a USB plugin? The colors changing has nothing to do with the authenticity of the salt, but I believe the USB type does not get heated, does it? If the lamp doesn’t get heated enough, you won’t receive the benefits of Himalayan salt. I don’t own the salt lamp that changes colors but have seen them in a store. They sure look pretty. You can still enjoy the looks of it. 🙂


  5. Thank you for sharing this info,I have a very dark salt lamp & I prefer it to be dark, I can leave it on 24/7 and not have a bright glow while trying to sleep!

    1. Hello Christy,

      I agree! I love my dark lamp in our bedroom too as it doesn’t interrupt our sleep and still keeps the air fresh in the room. It also adds the feeling of warmth during this cold and dark season of winter.
      Thanks for sharing your experience with your dark lamp!

      Yuko 🙂