Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Pink Salt Lamps

inexpensive mothers day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up! Seeking inexpensive Mother’s Day gift ideas? You have come to a right place. Here I recommend inexpensive yet unique and beautiful gifts for your mother!

What I recommend for you are Himalayan pink salt products, which are lamps and candle holders made of natural rock salt. They are beautiful, memorable and yet inexpensive. You will easily find one that you would like under $30.

Himalayan salt has been a big part of my everyday life for several years now. I have many lamps, candle holders and use Himalayan salt for cooking too. I’ll share my knowledge and experience with salt lamps in this post so that you can find one that you like for your mother.

Recommended Lamps under $30

These are my recommendations as a Mother’s Day gift under $30. They all have high customer reviews on Amazon and I personally own two of them. I’ve been using them for 3 years and am fully satisfied. You can read more detailed reviews as you scroll down.

Levoit Elora Salt Lamp

  • Height: 11″ / Weight: 12.4 lbs
  • 15 light bulbs included
  • Stainless base
  • Dimmer Control
  • Free shipping with Amazon Prime


Levoit Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp

  •  Height: 4.5″ / Weight: 2 lbs
  • 2.5 W light bulbs included
  • Plastic case
  • 5 Ft Power Cord
  • Dimmer Control
  • Free shipping with Amazon Prime


WBM Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Height: 8″ to 9″/ Weight: 8 to 11 lbs
  • Hand Carved
  • Wood base
  • 15W light bulb Included
  • 6 Ft Power Cord
  • Rotary Dimmer Control
  • Free shipping with Amazon Prime


WBM Pillar Style Basket Salt Lamp

  • Basket: 5.3″ x 5.3″ x 7.9″ / Weight: 10.8 lbs
  • 15W light bulb included
  • 6 Ft Power Cord
  • Rotary Dimmer Control
  • Free shipping with Amazon Prime



Each Lamp has Unique Color

Himalayan salt lamps are known for their soothing glow when lit.

As the light penetrates the rock salt, the lamp radiates a warm coral pink color. This color was produced through a long process in the sea, which use to cover most of Asia, but dried up slowly over 300 million years. It surely is amazing and gorgeous.

Since the salt is a product of nature, the color of each lamp varies. See the two lamps here? They are both used in my house. The one on the left has a brighter light than the one on the right. Like these, each lamp is unique and special.

himalayan salt lamp colors
Himalayan Salt Lamps in our house

The one on the right is in my study where I spend most of the hours working, and the glow of this salt lamp has a calming effect on me. It is also the first thing that my friends acknowledge when they come in the room.

himalayan salt lamps reviews
The salt lamp in my study

Himalayan salt lamps are for decoration and not used for lighting purpose. It’s not going to replace your reading light by the bed. But the soothing amber color indeed adds a special atmosphere in the space.

Inexpensive and Special

These lamps are quite affordable. The price depends on the size and stores you go to, but you will be able to find a nice looking medium size (6″ to 8″ tall) for $20-$40. The bigger a lamp is, the more expensive, of course.

There are many online shops that sell Himalayan salt lamps. One thing you must watch out for is their shipping fee. These rock salt lamps are quite heavy. A medium one typically weighs about 7 lbs and shipping may cost quite a bit if the shop doesn’t offer free shipping.

1. High-Quality Lamps from Himalayan Salt Shop

I sometimes shop at Himalayan Salt Shop as they carry high-quality authentic Himalayan salt lamps. I bought the one below by the window from them. They do charge a shipping fee and it’s about $16 by FedEx for a medium-sized lamp. I paid about $40 for this lamp including the shipping fee and am quite satisfied with the purchase as the lamp is so lovely.

natural himalayan salt lamps
High-quality salt lamp $40 including shipping

Right now, they have a special Mother’s Day Sale going and you can get 15% off of your purchase. Don’t forget to click and copy the coupon code MOM17 on top of the web page and paste it as you go through the checkout process. With a purchase of a $24.99 lamp, it’s going to be a $3.75 savings. It’s well worth a look.

2. WBM Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

Amazon could be the most inexpensive place to purchase salt lamps.

If you shop at Amazon just like anybody else, I recommend WBM Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp below which is about $25. This lamp is an “Amazon Prime” item so you won’t have to pay for shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member. I’ve been using this lamp

I’ve been using this lamp for over 3 years. I am particularly happy with its dimmer light control. A typical salt lamp comes only with a simple ON/OFF switch. A rotary dimmer control is a very nice feature of this particular lamp to adjust the light perfectly to your liking.

Read also a full review of this lamp in a separate post.

pink himalayan salt lamp
Salt Lamp on our dining table

3. WBM Pillar Style Basket Lamp

Another lamp I purchased from Amazon is quite unique. It is an HWBM Pillar Style Basket Lamp and simply stunning sitting on my kitchen counter as you see in the photo below. I paid about $23 for this lamp. It’s also an Amazon Prime item so comes with free 2-Day shipping.

This lamp, however, could be a bit troublesome for your mother to set up. If you wish to get this lamp as a gift, I recommend that you assemble it before giving it to your mother. You can watch how I assembled this basket lamp in the video within my review. To me personally, it was worth the hassle as it is so pretty to look at.

himalayan salt basket lamp
Himalayan Basket Lamp on our kitchen counter

4. Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

If your budget is tight and you cannot afford to pay even $20, how about salt candle holders instead of a lamp? You can easily find one under $15 at Amazon in many different shapes and sizes. Once lit, the candles last 4 to 5 hours. If your mother likes to light candles, these holders may make a better gift for Mother’s Day.

Read more about salt candle holders in this post.

I have so many salt candle holders and constantly keep 7 to 8 around when I work on my computer because of the health benefits explained later in this post.

himalayan salt lamp health benefits
I always light 5-6 candles to cleanse the air

Of course, the best way to purchase these lamps or candle holders is to go to an actual store. You can handpick the exact one that you like without worrying about shipping.

The lamp in my study that I showed you earlier, I purchased it from a local store. I am lucky enough to have a lovely Himalayan salt shop in my area run by a German married couple. At the store, I normally purchase big lamps that would be too heavy to be mailed like this one sitting in the hallway. For this one, I paid about $100.

large himalayan salt lamp
Our black cat, KOKO, sitting by the lamp

If you don’t have a shop that specializes in Himalayan salt in your area, you can go to WholeFoods. They normally have a small selection of salt lamps. However, just bear in mind that these lamps are a bit pricey at WholeFoods. Once I saw the above basket lamp I have was sold for over $40 at WholeFoods. It is understandable, though, since WholeFoods is not a Himalayan salt shop. For this reason, I recommend going to a shop that specializes in Himalayan salt products.

Easy to Handle

Himalayan salt lamps don’t require much maintenance. All you have to do is gently dust them off once in a great while.

Your mother can place the lamp on the coffee table by the couch, kitchen counter or pretty much anywhere she likes where she can enjoy its soothing glow on a daily basis. Just let her know that she cannot place the lamp in a humid place like a steamed up bathroom because it is going to absorb all the humidity and start dissolving.

As for the light bulb, you can mount either a 15W or 25W bulb for theses lamps. The first bulb comes with the lamp so you don’t have to worry about it. If the original one is a 25W bulb, and you think she would enjoy dimmer lighting, you can always give her 15W bulbs as replacements.

Both 15W and 25W bulbs are easily found at Amazon. They are typically sold in a 6-bulb package and range from $7 to $14.

One light bulb would last for a long time in a salt lamp. I never turn mine off and it stays on 24/7. Nonetheless, I would perhaps change the bulb once every 9-10 months.

Health Benefit

Although there is no scientific evidence behind its effects, they say Himalayan crystal salt emits negative ions into the air and neutralizes electro-pollution when it’s heated.

As this special type of salt was formed some 300 million years ago when Earth was pristine and not yet polluted whatsoever, it possesses the natural cleansing power from this ancient planet.

This is why I keep salt lamps and candle holders in my study close to the computer. I work many hours in front of the computer and I know my body is being bombarded by harmful electronic vibrations every single day. I cannot provide you the proof that the lamp is, in fact, reducing positive ions in the room but I can say that I do feel less tired working in front of the computer since I purchased the lamps.

Either online or in a physical store, Himalayan salt lamps can be quite an inexpensive Mother’s Day gift even on a tight budget.

Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas ?

Does your mother enjoy making her home pleasant and looking nice? Perhaps she appreciates things natural. How about things beautiful? Then a Himalayan salt lamp would make a wonderful gift for her regardless of her age. She will feel rejuvenated and comforted looking at the soothing glow that these lamps radiate. She may gain a little spring in her step.

Either purchased online or in a physical store, Himalayan salt lamps can be quite an inexpensive Mother’s Day gift. Tell her she deserves something beautiful because she is beautiful. Let’s show our appreciation to our precious mothers with these beautiful lamps and make her smile!


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  1. Hi Yuko,
    Wow! These are fabulous Mother’s Day gift ideas. I had never seen Himalayan Pink Salt lamps before but they’re lovely. The colors and varying shapes are stunning and so intriguing. I so appreciated the link to the helpful assembly video for the basket lamp because DIY is really not my thing. But I think I can handle this one 🙂 Thanks so much for the unique ideas!

    1. Hi Linda,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Himalayan pink salt lamps make a wonderful gift in every occasion. I’ve given this to people for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, anniversary, etc. Lamps can be quite heavy so as a small gift to your colleagues at work, for instance, salt candle holders would come in handy. They are smaller and cheaper than lamps.


  2. Mother’s day is just around the corner! And now I am still wondering what to get for my mum although she kept on saying that she do not require anything. The salt lamps are very nice idea, it looks very exquisite and nice! I think it also soothe the soul and make one feel peaceful just by looking at it. Definitely will give it some consideration!

    1. Hi Leo,

      Regardless of the age of your mother, salt lamps or salt candle holders are great choice as a gift to your mother. They are not expensive, so it won’t make your mother feel sorry for you either 😉 Most of the moms out there would say the same thing as your mother that they don’t need anything, and I think they mean it. But it still makes them happy with our gesture of how much we care for her. Every person to whom I gave a salt lamp as a gift has reacted to it with such pure delight on their paces. I am sure it will put a nice smile on your mother’s face too! Just don’t forget to tell her that she deserves something beautiful because she is beautiful.


  3. I got my mom a WBM Crystal Himalayan salt lamp for Christmas last year and she absolutely loves it. Make sure you choose one with a dimmer switch because that’s an awesome feature. Also, make sure the salt crystal’s country of origin is Pakistan. I’ve heard if its not from Pakistan, its a fake.

    1. Hi Katie,

      I have 2 Himalayan lamps and several candle holders by WBM. The dimmer light control is absolutely a nice feature that you don’t see in typical Himalayan salt lamps on the market. I am sure that your mom was delighted to receive a beautiful salt lamp as a Christmas gift from you. 🙂 Thanks for the tip and sharing your experience!


  4. My Mom would like something like this, it is certainly not something I would have thought of. I would like one too!

    My sister swears my rock salt lamps, she apparently has about 4 on her desk at work!

    I noticed in your article that at times you referred to them as Himalayan pink rock salt lamps and sometimes it was just Himalayan rock salt lamps. Are they all pink rock salt or are there different kinds?

    1. Hello Amber,

      I am sure your mother would love having Himalayan rock salt lamps near her. Add it to the list for gift for her next birthday or mother’s day 🙂

      “Himalayan pink rock salt lamp” and just “Himalayan rock salt lamp” are the same thing. Himalayan rock salt naturally has coral pink color so many call it pink salt. When it’s lit in the form of a lamp or candle holder, the color becomes more like orange or amber color.

      There are lamps on the market in different colors but it’s because they manufactured light-colored rock salt with various colored light bulbs (such as blue or purple) so they are not natural color of the salt. They are certainly pretty, but as far as I know, it is only available with USB plugins that you need to plug into a computer.


  5. Hi there Yuko,

    What an interesting product to add ambiance to a room. I’ve seen some of these around, but I am expecting them to sell for like hundreds of dollars. You mentioned $24.99 – that’s ridiculously cheap.

    I have one question though – do they all glow in the same orange silhouette? Are there other varieties like pink or sea blue? I just find that the amber looks a bit ‘hot’. Thanks for sharing this product with us.

    1. Hello Cathy,

      These lamps are incredibly pretty and so affordable, aren’t they? The majority of salt lamps come in this amber color but if you find the color too hot, you may want to go for a lamp that comes with a dimmer controller. WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp is one of those, then you can adjust the lighting perfectly to your liking, as dark as you wish. They also provide salt basket lamps with a dimmer controller, which is quite beautiful.

      There are smaller salt lamps with a USB adaptor that you can plug into a computer and that changes colors such as blue, purple, and green. I don’t own one and not sure if it has the same effects as regular salt lamps. I’ll share a review here on my website when I get one!


  6. I came across your site a few days ago when I read your post on Himalayan Salt candle holders. I have been thinking of getting one ever since. However, since reading this post, now I wonder if I would like it better in lamp form. This girl will be doing a lot of hard thinking before I finally decide which one I would prefer.

    1. Haha Mia, that’s alright. Take as much as you need to decide on which one you want to go for. I have both lamps and candle holders and they serve you differently. If you want more powerful air purification for a short amount of time (4-5 hours) I recommend candle holders. With lamps, the effect is a lot milder but you don’t have to worry about lighting tea candles and you can keep it on 24/7. It sure is nice to come home to the warm welcoming orange light after a long day.

      If you are not a candle lover, maybe a lamp may be good. Small ones are quite inexpensive and the bulb lasts for a long time.


  7. Thank you for this wonderful post! I meant to find more information about Himalayan salt lamp as my friends keep telling me I need one because of it’s calming effect. After reading your post I am definitely getting one. I like how you keep one in your office and I think I am going to be doing the same! Thank you!

    1. Hi Lena,

      I’m glad you found the article helpful. I can guarantee you that it will help you with your emotional balance and possibly, with your physical symptom if you happen to have a very sensitive respiratory system like I do. My system gets less irritated and I sneeze a lot less when I am near Himalayan salt lamps or candle holders. Not sure how this pure pink salt has that much of effect on me but I simply find the healing power by nature just amazing.

      Yes, keep one salt lamp in your home and the gentle glow will sooth you and you’ll feel comforted.