Himalayan Crystal Salt Candle Holder

Himalayan Crystal Salt Candle Holder

A few years ago, I received a Himalayan crystal salt candle holder as a Christmas gift.

Instantly, I fell in love with its beauty when I lit a candle in it. I was staring at the soothing amber grow and wondering, is this really salt?

And you know what I did. No, I couldn’t resist the temptation to lick it and Yes, it was salty!

That’s how my love for this pink-colored salt all started and now I cannot live without Himalayan salt candle holders and lamps as you can see in the pic below.

For my job, I work many hours in front of the computer. Perhaps, you do too. Then, you know the exhausting feeling afterward. The eyes are tired, the body feels stiff, and entirely you feel energyless. It’s because of the electronic vibrations that bombard our body.

So now, this is what my room looks like. I surround myself with salt lamps and candle holders. They say Himalayan salt neutralizes harmful electro-pollution. At first, I was skeptical but still kept them around because they are pretty to look at. Now, I know they reduce the electro-pollution in the air because I smell the difference and feel a lot less tired after working many hours in this room.

Himalayan salt candle holders

See how pretty they are

Health Benefits

After you’ve lit a candle in the salt candle holder, leave it for a few minutes and touch it. You can feel that the candle holder is nicely heated. It never gets too hot to touch.

It is believed that, when it’s heated, Himalayan crystal salt emits negative ions into the air.

In this modern era, we are all exposed to excessive positive ions from electronic devices, right? They weaken our physical strength. Heated Himalayan salt binds those excessive positive ions with their negative ions. As a result, it neutralizes electro-pollution and reduces allergens and irritants.  It helps to cleanse the indoor air.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence on its effectiveness as an air purifier. I cannot present here any proof. All I can say is that I do feel better when surrounded by the heated candle holders. I normally light 5 to 6 of them when I am working in my study as you saw in the photo.

I also have a very sensitive respiratory system and tend to sneeze with the slightest change of temperature or dust in the air. But when I light candles in the Himalayan salt candle holders, I sneeze a lot less or it completely stops.

himalayan salt candle holders
Salt Candle Holders in our living room

Another thing I noticed is the SMELL in the air. When I leave the room for a moment to get a cup of coffee in the kitchen and come back, as I open the door I can totally smell the cleanness of the air. It clearly smells different from other rooms in the house.

You know the smell of the pure air, like when you are walking in the woods or standing right by a huge waterfall. It is that kind of smell. Too bad that I cannot attach the smell to this blog!

So to me, I don’t need any scientific proof. I know from experience that Himalayan salt candle holders are good for me, so I use them.

The purification may not be so evident with just one candle holder. Try lighting 3 to 5 in a room. Close the door. Leave the room and re-enter after some time passed. You should be able to clearly feel that the air has changed.

These candle holders are very affordable, $7 to $20/each usually. Why not give them a try for yourself? Even if they didn’t work for your symptom, they are at least very pretty to look at.

Affordable Candle Holders 

Some candle holders are manufactured in particular shapes such as a cube, triangle, heart, star or diamond.

I list some of my recommendations here. You can find all of them on Amazon.

Disclaimer: Pricing may be different from listing below as Amazon pricing can change from day to day, and they also offer daily deals. 

“Natural Pink Salt Candle Holder” … $20.98

“Heart Pink Candle Holders (Pack of 2)” … $8.99

“Two-Hole Candle Holders” … $15.99

“Natural (Pack of 2)” … $12.99

“Round Candle Holders” … $6.99

What Type of Candles Should I Use?

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders all take “tea light candles”.

Just place a tea candle in the holder and light it. The hole could be quite deep for a bigger one. The largest one I have is 5-inches tall with a 4-inch deep hole.

I recommend that you use a fireplace lighter with a long neck just like I did in the video above. Once lit, it starts radiating the soothing rosy light and one candle normally lasts 3-4 hours in these salt candle holders.

One thing to note. Not all candle holders are created equally. Sometimes you may find your tea candle may be a little too large to fit your particular holder. If you find the hole be a bit too tight for your tealight candles, there is a simple solution. No need to scrape or drill the hole! Just fill the hole with water and it will get wider. After all, it is salt! ?

“Tealight Candles” (Unscented) Set of 125 … $13.95

Regular tealights last 3 to 4 hours. If you need something that lasts longer, I recommend long-burning tea light candles. I purchased this one and did an experiment to see how long it actually lasts. It did last between 6 to 7 hours.

“Long-Burning Tealights” (Unscented) Set of 100 … $19.98

Watch the experiment I did!


These candle holders are made of salt, so please do not wash them. They are going to dissolve away!

If it gets dirty, or dark with soot you simply wipe the area gently with a damp cloth or paper towel.

A Himalayan crystal salt candle holder makes a great company during your bath time after a long day. However, be careful not to leave it behind in the humid bathroom since the water condensation will slowly begin to dissolve the salt candle holder. I’ve found it to be ok for the length of a normal bath time.

I once took a super long bath after a super long day and had a few salt candle holders lit nearby on the counter. Relaxing in a warm bath and looking at the gentle amber glow was truly rejuvenating.

However, I totally forgot to remove them from our tiny bathroom filled with steam. Next morning, I found the salt candle holders had started dissolving onto the counter! I could tell as some salt particles were forming around the base of the candle holder.

himalayan salt lamp health benefits
I always light 5-6 candles to cleanse the air

Himalayan Crystal Salt Candle Holder

For a romantic dinner with your significant other or to nurture yourself in solitude, a Himalayan crystal salt candle holder would be a wonderful addition to the atmosphere.

The glowing amber color truly soothes your feelings. It indeed is a precious gift from Mother Earth.

It also makes a great gift for your loved ones. I have given salt candle holders to many people and they all loved it! Are you looking for a great (and inexpensive) gift for birthdays, engagements, anniversaries or Christmas? Pick Himalayan crystal salt candle holder as it sure will make them smile. 🙂

I own other Himalayan salt products such as lamps, cooking boards, and also cooking salt because this special salt is healthy to consume too. I use it for all of my cooking now.  Himalayan pink salt indeed added a pleasure to my everyday life.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any comments or questions, please do leave them below.

Your friend,


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  1. Hi, I love my salt candle holder and love to put it on when i go to bed, but im reading about toxic candles and am finding it difficult to find inexpensive non-toxic tea light candles to use. I’m wondering if a flameless tealight would achieve the same result? or do you know if the effects of toxic candles might be negated by the benefits of the salt lamp they are powering?

    1. Hi Christine,
      I’m not familiar with the toxic influence from candles but I personally do not light candles in sale candleholders as I go to bed for the sake of safety. I only use them when I am awake and working on my computer.
      As for a flameless tea light candle, if you meant the ones with light bulbs, I don’t think it brings out the benefit of Himalayan salt since it needs to get heated to emit the negative ions. Hope this helps!

  2. After reading customer reviews on number of different makers, I decided to purchase my salt lamp from A Salt Lamp and I am glad I did. Lamp arrived by the delivery date given and was very well packaged.

  3. That is nice that Himalayan salt neutralizes electropollution. That is something I would want to have with a romantic candle holder. Maybe it would be good to get a Himalayan crystal salt candle holder sometime soon.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the comment. Himalayan crystal salt candle holder is definitely a nice addition to a romantic dinner. 🙂 Highly recommended.

  4. How long can I continue to use these Yuko? I have been enjoying them for over a week and they are wonderful, but does the salt eventually wear out? Will they get smaller and less effective over time?

    1. Hello Lynne,

      Honestly, I don’t see any changes happened to my salt candle holders. All of my candle holders are 3 to 4 years old, I didn’t experience them dissolving, getting smaller or anything.
      I live in the US Pacific Northwest and it’s quite cool throughout a year over here, so the climate may be a factor too. If you live in a hot and humid area, things may be a bit different.
      I use my salt candle holders almost every day when I work at my computer and they are still as effective as Day One. I will add here a photo of the ones I am using right now on my desk as I write this to you. They are all 3 years old. Salt Candle Holders, 03/07/2019

  5. It would be really nice to have a candle holder that can bring benefits. If I were to get a candle lantern or holder I would want one that could give me health benefits like this. Maybe I should look around more and see what other benefits candles give.

    1. Hi Dave,
      Himalayan salt candle holders certainly have benefits. At least, that’s how I feel after using these candle holders for years. I love salt lamps too, but in terms of the benefits, I feel candle holders are the winner. It’s too bad that we cannot leave them on 24-7 like lamps due to the safety reason.


  6. Hello,
    I just bought my first one today and love it. The only thing I wanted to mention is you should be using bees wax candles. They help purify the air and the wicks are made of cotton not lead. They are also smokeless and won’t pollute the air.

    1. Hello Jill,
      I’m glad you liked your first salt candle holder. It’s pretty and soothing, isn’t it? 🙂
      Thank you for the recommendation of candles. I’ve heard all good things about beeswax candles and will de definitely look into it!


  7. It makes sense that a candle holder made of salt would be a bad thing to wash in water. Being able to have something unique like this would be really cool. I’ll have to see if my wife would be interested in exotic materials and if that would be a good addition to our home.

    1. Hi Todd,

      Yes, please do not wash these candle holders except for the time you want to broaden the hole by running water through it. Occasionally, the hole is not large enough to take a tealight candle.
      Hope your wife would find Himalayan candle holders suitable for your home. They are absolutely delightful to have around your house.


  8. I work at a daycare and got an extra tealight salt candle holders for Christmas, so I was wanting to take the extra candle holders to work, but no candles are allowed at work. Can U use a battery operated tealight in this salt candle holders?

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I have never tried a battery operated tea light candle in a salt candle holder myself, so I cannot tell you how it works. I believe it will look just as pretty as with a regular tea light candle; however, since battery operated ones normally use a LED bulb and don’t get hot, you may not receive the benefits from Himalayan salt. For this special salt to emit negative ions and cleanse the air, it needs to get heated.


  9. Great info! And thanks for the advice on widening the candle holder so I can fit my tealight. Never thought of that…ive been doing a lot of research into Himalayan salt! I’ve noticed too there are a lot of the regular salt lamps with the light bulbs. Most seem to believe that as far as health benefits both would be equal. Although I would think that the candle holder would do better than the bulbs? After reading your post was wondering what you would think? I have one of each. Thanks again for all your helpful advice on this 🙂

    1. Hi Skylar,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article. 🙂 To receive health benefits from Himalayan salt, it has to be heated enough to emit negative ions. So, as long as the salt gets warm enough, both lamps and candle holders are equally effective I believe. I do notice, though, that candle holders tend to get warmer than lamps perhaps because they are smaller and candles produce a real flame. To get your lamp warm enough, you can simply use a bulb with higher watts, but the downside of it is that it can make the lamp too bright depending on the thickness of the salt. We have this dark colored one in our bedroom and it stays really warm (I cannot hold it with my bare hand) and doesn’t interfere with our sleep with a bright light. I couldn’t find any dark-colored salt lamps online (if you find one, let me know!) so you would have to handpick from a store in your area. I’ve heard that nowadays places like Whole Foods, Bed, Bath & Beyond, or even Walmarts carry salt lamps. As for candle holders, since they are rather small, I always light a few at a time to feel the difference in the air and get the benefits.

      These are just what I’ve learned from my experiences with Himalayan salt. Hope you find them helpful. Enjoy your salt lamp and candle holder! 🙂


  10. Instead of candle burning tea lights, may you use a battery operated tea light? Not a fan of burning candles but thought the light may heat the salt tea light enough to give off its benefits

    1. Hi Linda,
      Interesting idea. I cannot say it will work since I’ve never tried it. I’ve seen battery operated tea lights in a store but never used them and do not know how hot they can get. As many of those tea lights are LED, I assume it won’t get too hot and warm enough to heat the salt.


  11. Hi,

    I’ve used a lot of salt lamps and finally got a tea light holder. It melted down obviously and filled the bottom of the hole (it did not have metal around it). I was fine with that and the wick was still exposed so I used it a lot after this happened. But now for about a month I didn’t use it and it has started to form salt holes in the wax of the candle. My question is, how on earth do I get the wax out of the candle holder?? Please help, I want to use my holiday scented candles 🙂

    1. Hi Kellie,

      Not sure if I understood your situation correctly. Do you mean the melted wax filled the bottom of the hole in your candle holder? If that’s the case, I would suggest melting the wax with a long-neck lighter like this one. Be sure to do this over a plate/bowl lined with aluminum foil so you won’t need to clean up the melted wax off of something else. Hold the candle holder upside down, or angled, in one hand (maybe use a pot-holder mitt/pad), heat the wax with the lighter and melt it until it all drips out of the hole. Please do this at your own risk and with great caution. Be careful not to burn yourself. This is only an option, and strictly just my opinion, as I’ve never tried this myself.

      Another option is to simply try breaking up the wax and then scraping the wax out, again using caution. I hope either option solves the problem you have. From now on, I highly recommend using tealight candles with an aluminum cup for your salt candle holders.


  12. Hi, I’m looking at getting a himalayan rock salt candle holders or lamp but wanted to know if one is better than the other. If you had to choose would you get a lamp or candle holders? Thanks

    1. Hi Chrissy,

      It really depends on the purpose of getting one. If you are after Himalayan salt’s benefit of cleansing air, then candle holders are more effective because they can get a lot warmer than lamps. But you cannot leave a candle on 24/7 and that’s the downside of candle folders. Besides, you need to keep purchasing tealight candles to receive Himalayan salt’s benefits from candle holders. I also feel I need to use 3 to 4 candle holders to really feel the difference in the air.

      Lamps, on the other hand, can stay on 24/7 and is low maintenance. We never turn off our salt lamps and still, one light bulb normally lasts 6 to 10 months in our home. Another thing is that lamps are safer to use while you are sleeping. I personally don’t feel safe to leave candles on as I go to bed, so we only have lamps in our bedroom. However, I don’t smell the distinctive freshness of the air with lamps as I do with candle holders.

      So, I think you need to pick either that best suits your purpose and circumstance. Hope this helps!


  13. I just got my first salt rock, but I think I need to buy the lamp.
    The tea lite candles don’t burn long enough so it goes out about 4 hours into my sleep.
    Is there maybe a longer lasting candle I can use?

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I was thinking the same thing. I keep candles on in my salt holders for many hours and wanted something that burns longer. Then I found this tea lite candles that last 8 hours on Amazon. I purchased it and am quite happy with what I got. I did an experiment to see how long it actually lasts and you can see the result (a little less than 7 hours) in the video I included in this blog. Other days, it lasted almost 7.5 hours so it depends on the weather and temperature of the day. You may want to check it out. They really do keep the candle holders warm enough. I could totally smell the cleansed air and am very satisfied with this tea lite candle.


  14. Hi there, I have had mine for years and love love love them! I also have two electric lamps that are on all the time. I’ve noticed that the lamps since they are on all the time do not form crystals at the bottom. However, the candle holders since I don’t have them on 24/7 develop crystals on bottom – it’s kind of like they leak – in the heat. I know using them more will help – is that they only solution? thank you for a lovely website.

    1. Hi Claudia,
      My candle holders do not form any crystals although I don’t leave them lit 24/7. Could it be that you leave them in a humid area in your house such as the bathroom? Try to keep them in a dry area and near the sun when you are not using them such as by the window. If it still doesn’t help, you may want to put each candle holder on a plate. A glass plate would enhance the amber glow of the lit candle and would look pretty, I think. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  15. Hi. I love my salt holders. I want to know why you can’t burn a votive candle in them. Some of the holes are WAY big. Thank you.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Without a casing, the melted wax is going to stick to the bottom and side of the candle holder and fill up the hole. It’s going to be troublesome to remove the wax from the holder itself. That is why I recommend using tealight candles. Hope it makes sense.

      Besides, nowadays you can find long-burning tealight candles on Amazon. What I got recently lasts 7 to 7.5 hours and it really helps as I use salt candles for many hours as I work at home. You may want to check it out.

  16. I have been wanting to get the lamp and the one that holds a tea light candle because when my husband and I got a cold a few weeks ago and it took us 2 weeks to get over the annoying coughs and sinus congestion. I am still having a little congestion. Reading your blog is getting me excited about going and buying these this week. I was looking at the candle holder tonight at Walmart and almost bought it. I will for sure now. We need the clean air in our home asap. Thank you for info about this product I was needing!

    1. Hi Connie,

      I hope by now you’re feeling better and enjoying the candle holders. Just so you know, to really feel the difference in the room you need several of these candle holders lit.
      Enjoy the soothing amber glow!


  17. Hello, these are really nice and I’m interested in getting some, but does the burning candle put pollutants into the air and offset the purifying benefits of the salt?

    1. Hi Allison,

      I am not sure about burning candles emitting pollutants. All I can say is that the air is totally different in the room when I have 4 to 5 salt candle holders lit. And I don’t even use expensive soy tea candles or anything like that. I normally use inexpensive tealight candles from nearby grocery stores (since I light many of them so frequently). I don’t believe it offsets the benefits of the Himalayan salt.


  18. My mother recently got me some tea candles for my birthday last week. It was good that I found out that these candle holders are made of salt, so I cannot wash them. I will be sure to keep that in mind as to not wash the crystal salt candle holders!

    1. Hi Jenna,

      Thank you for stopping by. Yes, please do not wash these candle holders! When it gets dirty, you can casually wipe it with a damp cloth. Enjoy the salt candle holders that you got. I am sure they will add joy and comfort to your days!


  19. hi… ive 2 lamps and i want to enlarge their holes (for bulbs).
    pls tell me how…

    thnks and God bless you more.

    1. Hello mona,

      If you want to enlarge the holes of the lamps, you can first remove all the bulb components from the rock salt. Then, you can run water into the hold of the rock salt to reshape it. It is salt after all. I’ve never tried it with a lamp but I do it all the time with candle holders when the holes are too small to take tealight candles. Just be careful as the rock salt for lamps could be quite heavy. Hope it helps. Let me know if it worked!



  20. I love these candle holders! Very unique and very pretty! Wow, and the benefits are awesome. My son sneezes all the time, so he would benefit from these. Do they put out any kind of scent at all? I would love to be able to have a scent as well. I guess I could buy scented tea lights. I like the natural with the single hole the best. Very wonderful candle! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hello, thank you for commenting. I’m glad you like them. They truly are pretty, aren’t they?

      No, they are completely unscented. You can of course use scented tealight candles if you want a scent as well. I sometimes do the same.

      I love the natural rock shape the most too, and my friends seem to enjoy them the most. Surprisingly, many people still do not know about this attractive candle holders and get excited when they receive one as a gift. I bought some at Whole Foods too but it’s way cheaper at Amazon and the quality is good too. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

  21. Wow! I love the benefits of Himalayan Crystal salt candle holders. I didn’t know about them until I read this. I love the natural shapes, although the heart and diamonds looks nice as well. Your post was very informative and I will definitely ordering some soon! I even bookmarked your site so that I can follow your posts!

    1. Hi Mia,

      Welcome to my website and I’m glad you enjoyed the information I share! Himalayan candle holders are inexpensive and yet quite special. I have a bunch at home and still keep adding more to my collections.

      My most favorite is those with natural shapes just like you but if I ever purchased the heart or diamonds ones, which I most likely will, I will share the reviews with you here on my site.

      I have five candle holders lit right at this moment as I write this reply to you. If you sit many hours in front of PC like I do, I highly recommend you to have some nearby!


  22. These candle holders look beautiful. I love burning candles and I also have a sensitive respiratory system so I am definitely considering purchasing these in order to purify the air. I’ll have to be careful to not light it in extra moist conditions to prevent it from dissolving.

    Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Thanks for visiting my site. Himalayan salt candle holders will be a great addition to your home especially if you have a sensitive respiratory system like I do. They are definitely not expensive and not only pretty to look at but also improve the indoor air for you.

      Many of my candle holders were between $10-$15 and after using them for a few years, they haven’t changed in size or its effects.