Large Himalayan Salt Lamp

large himalayan salt lamp

When a guest comes to our home, the first thing they notice is the large Himalayan salt lamp sitting in the hallway.

It’s quite large (about 16 inches tall) and as we never unplug it, the lamp is constantly radiating the warm amber color to welcome anyone who steps into our home.

Naturally, it is the first thing I see when I come home from work, and I almost feel as if the himalayan salt lamp instantly neutralizes all of the bad energy that I bring home after a tough day at work.

This size of the salt lamp may not be as easy to obtain as smaller ones that you can find at many online shops, but it is definitely worth your money.

Health Benefits

They say that, when heated, Himalayan crystal salt emits negative ions into the air. It also neutralizes electro-pollution in your air and reduces allergens and irritants.

Large Himalayan salt lampAlthough there is no scientific evidence behind its effects, I totally smell the difference when I burn candles in Himalayan salt candle holders. The air absolutely smells purified and it actually eases my sinus issues, such as sniffy nose and sneezing.

With salt lamps, to be honest, the change in the air is not as obvious as with salt candle holders.

I do not necessarily recognize the purification in the air. I just feel better when I am in a room with one of our salt lamps on.

We leave all of our himalayan salt lamps on all day long in the house. Unlike candles which you cannot keep burning for 24 hours, you can enjoy the soothing light and benefits nonstop with lamps.

To me, the benefits of these lamps are not only physical but mental as well. The gentle amber glow naturally fills the room with a calm atmosphere and it naturally makes me feel relaxed and balanced within.

When I have to quiet my mind and produce (especially write) something in my home office, the himalayan salt lamp is a great aid to help me get centered and focused.

Not sure if it means anything but I also find that our cats are often laying by the large lamps.

They seem to be fond of those spots around the lamps. People say animals are way more sensitive than us humans to energies around them, so perhaps our cats enjoy the cleanliness of the air the lamps radiate?

How Big are They?

large himalayan salt lamp
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They are quite large and HEAVY.

The two large lamps we have in our place are both 15-16 inches tall and can weigh anywhere from 35-60 lbs, depending on the thickness of salt and the cavity for the bulb. I wouldn’t be able to move those large lamps without my husband’s help.

Because of its size, however, the lamp display a strong presence in the area and they definitely add a special atmosphere to the surrounding space.

This particular one in the picture was a Christmas gift from my husband 2 years ago. (I left the ribbon on). It’s 16 inches tall as you can see in the measure standing by it.

How to Use

Unlike candle holders, salt lamps are pretty much carefree as all you have to do is mount a light bulb and leave it on all the time.

We have one in the hallway and one in the living room right by the fireplace.

Both large lamps have 40W light bulbs installed. (Other smaller lamps in the house have either 15W or 25W bulb)

Although we leave them on all the time, the bulbs usually last from 6 to 8 months without replacement. We normally get replacement light bulbs from regular grocery stores in the neighborhood.

Smaller salt lamps are placed on shelves in my home office and bedroom, but for a more spacious area like a hallway or living room, these large himalayan salt lamps are perfect.

large himalayan salt lamp


Just like candle holders, these lamps are made of salt, after all, so they don’t take humidity well.

Keep it from humid areas such as a bathroom. Do not leave it out in the balcony where rain gets in. They will start dissolving!

Remember, they are made of salt after all.

We live with two cats and our place can easily get dusty with cat’s hair. I occasionally wipe out the dust on the large Himalayan salt lamps sitting on the floor and that’s all I have to do for maintenance.

We do not own any dogs currently, but knowing they sell small Himalayan salt licks for animals, your dog may want to use your lamp as a salt lick. Our cats don’t lick the lamp, but if you are a dog-owner you may want to be mindful of your lamps location or placement.

Where Can I Get It?

We were lucky to find our large lamps in a Himalayan salt shop in our area.

In case you don’t have a Himalayan salt shop nearby, I looked for similar large lamps on Amazon and thus far, this is the only one that seems equivalent to what we have.

Himalayan Salt Lamp (Huge Lamp for Larger Rooms)

Height: 15-18″ Tall
Weight: 54 -70 Lbs.

This large Himalayan salt lamp had decent reviews. If I purchase this from Amazon in the future, I would definitely add a report to this post!



Own a Large Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Do you own a large Himalayan salt lamp at home? Where do you place it and how do you like it?

Did you buy it in a store or order it online? Leave a comment below and share your experience with us!

I can promise you that a large Himalayan salt lamp will be a great addition to your house. Every time you look at it, it will give you this amazing feeling that such an ancient piece of our Mother Earth is sitting right there in your home.

It also makes a memorable gift for your friend’s wedding or a new home.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me hear any comments or questions that you may have about large Himalayan salt lamps or anything related.

Your friend,


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  1. Hi Yuko,

    I’m Lexa in AZ and I live with two peke monster roommates. Since you asked I do have a large….very large Himalayan salt lamp. I think it’s around 40 in tall and weighs 285 lbs. I remember the later because both times when I moved it was an ordeal to move it! 😀 I got mine from this shop in Mesa, AZ called the Salt Lamp Lady ( The owner has a beautiful and peaceful store. Sometimes, when I’m in the area, I just pop in’s every salt lamp lovers paradise. If you google her you can take a virtual tour of the store.

    The main reason why I got it was because I used to go to yoga with a friend and there was this beautiful large orange warmth emanating from the front of the room. I love going to yoga anyway but this was the 1st time I felt so incredibly relaxed there. Since I thoroughly enjoyed staring at it one day I built up the courage to ask the instructor where he got it. He pointed me to her down the street. Long story short after talking with her for awhile she told me the beautiful lamp I admired was actually available for sale. Needless to say, I’m very happy I bought it and enjoy looking at it everyday. For a couple of years I had to put it in storage while I moved around and it didn’t feel like a home without it. Since then, I’ve given my mom a small one and now she has one in every bedroom and family room of her house. HA got her hooked!

    As far as the bulb, I did change it to a daylight LED and it looks great and it’s not as hot so I’m no longer worried about it being a safety hazard if I leave it on too long. I think every thing you said in your blog is true. There is something (intangible) about them that just makes you feel relaxed and at peace which is something we all can use more of in today’s hectic world. Thanks for writing your article I really enjoyed it.

    Waves from AZ Peke monsters and Lexa 🙂

    1. Hi Lexa,

      Thank you for your comment and I am sorry for my late response. I somehow didn’t get a notification for this comment.
      The reason why I discovered Himalayan salt lamps is similar to yours. I went to get a massage and the masseuse had a Himalayan salt lamp in the room. The warm glow captured my attention instantly and I asked her what that is. She said it’s lamp made of special kind of salt. Then she explained she keeps it in her massage room because it cleanses the indoor air and also calm and comfort the patients. I couldn’t resist the temptation to do some research right after I got home that day and since then, Himalayan salt lamps have been part of my everyday life. 🙂

      It is great that you have an access to Himalayan salt shop in your area. It is very hard to purchase large salt lamps, let alone a 285lbs one! That’s huge!
      Nice to know there is a Himalayan salt lover in AZ. As far as I know, AZ is very sunny and bright so I didn’t think something like a salt lamp would be so popular there. Thanks for sharing your story and experience!


    2. love these have bought for myself and family I would really love a very tall and rather a bit wider so stand on the floor I have a rather large salt lamp but would love to have a much bigger size lamp if you know where I could get one lease let me know

      1. Hi carol,

        It’s great you’re enjoying salt lamps in your daily life. Much bigger lamps are hard to find online and I got mine from a local store. You may want to check out stores in your area that sell natural stones and such. A place like Whole Foods sometimes salt lamps. Hope this helps!

  2. Great story. I own two Himalayan Salt Lamps, one weighing at 35 to 60 pounds at 18 inches tall and the other, about 13 inches in height, weighing just over 25 pounds. My husband and I love our Himalayan Salt Lamps, both lamps are in our living room. The XL lamp is placed on a Moroccan side table next to the Peacock Chair and the medium lamp on a corner table next to the bookshelf. I don’t leave my lamps on all day, but I do like to turn my lamps on when the sun goes down. I purchased the XL Himalayan Salt Lamp from a local shop called Earthbound Trading Co. Earthbound has a wide variety of different sizes of Himalayan Salt lamps to choose from. The medium lamp I purchased from HomeGoods. I plan on buying more Himalayan Salt Lamps from Earthbound to add to my bedroom very soon. Thank you. Peace and love.

    1. Hello Ukiah,
      It’s great that you could purchase XL lamps in your area. Not many XL lamps are available for purchase online.
      I leave our XL lamps on 24/7 as our cats like to sit next to them sometimes. They do add a cozy and relaxing atmosphere to space, don’t they? Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your experience with your XL Himalayan salt lamps! 🙂